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What is emory health sciences library?

The Emory Health Sciences Library is a research center at the Atlanta campus of Emory University. It is open to anyone affiliated with the institution, though a valid Emory ID card is required for access. There are more than 120,000 digital and print volumes as well as hundreds of journals and databases in the library’s collection.

What can you do at the emory health sciences library?

Emory’s Health Sciences Library offers access to books beyond what you would find in most other libraries because we focus on research-related topics such as health sciences, epidemiology, public health, global health and allied fields of study. Research-related topics include most of the fields related to medicine, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry. If you’re a historian or political science student, you can also check out some titles from our library’s Ancient and Medieval Collection. We’ve put together a list of the most popular books in our Library as well as other resources that can aid your research.

Where is the emory health sciences library located? 

The Emory Health Sciences Library is located on Emory’s campus at Emory University Hospital located at 1600 Clifton Road NE in Atlanta, GA 30322-3183 ( It is the second of three medical libraries at Emory University. The first is the Emory College of Medicine, the third is the School of Nursing and the fourth is Emory’s College of Pharmacy, located on the corner of Peachtree Street and Highland Avenue NE in Atlanta.

Do I need to go to classes in order to use emory health sciences library?

Emory students and staff can check out materials without registering for classes. Emory students should register for their classes before they check out books or journals using OCT or using MyEmory ( Faculty, staff, alumni and people not affiliated with Emory need to register for a library card in order to check out books or journals. (

How should I study in front of the computer?

It can be hard to concentrate in front of the computer if you’re studying for a big exam. It’s very easy to get distracted by Facebook or social media sites, and that is why it is important to limit your time when using the computer at Emory. You can take advantage of headphones that are available at all desks with computers so that you can listen to music without annoying others around you. Most computers in the library have headphones available. 

What is “the reading room”?

The Reading Room at Emory’s Health Sciences Library is a quiet space where students can sit in front of the computer and study using headphones. It’s generally less noisy than the main floor of the library. At the main entrance to the Health Sciences Library there are large wooden doors, and behind them lies a large conference table as well as smaller tables and comfy chairs to take advantage of when studying. 

What should I know about ordering books for my classes?

The Emory Health Sciences Library doesn’t do holds for classes. The best way to order books from Emory Libraries is through MyEmory ( to check on the book’s availability and then place a hold using the Emory Libraries Catalog ( Books from Emory Health Sciences Library are not cataloged in MyEmory, so you’ll need to place a hold through the Emory Libraries Catalog for non-Emory Health Sciences Library materials when using MyEmory. 

What should I know about borrowing books?

You can borrow books from the Emory Health Sciences Library for three weeks at a time. If you’re having trouble finding a book in the library, you can fill out a request for it to be placed on Holds for Pickup (HFP). It is much easier to find the book if you know its call number. You can also place your HFP request online at or in person at the Circulation Desk or any Open Access Computer. If a book isn’t available from Emory Libraries, the librarians can put it on HFP from other libraries through ILLiad (


Emory Health Sciences Library has over 150,000 items in its collections, which is the largest of any university’s medical library. Emory Health Sciences Library is different from some other libraries because it focuses on research-related topics such as health sciences, epidemiology and public health. Emory University Hospital is also located at the same location as Emory Health Sciences Library.


There are no books on an open shelf so you can’t borrow a book until it is available. You can’t use MyEmory ( to order books from other libraries because it isn’t available for action. There are different librarians depending on the floor you are in.

Includes a list of Emory Health Sciences Library’s resources and services. These include electronic databases, Internet access, video conferencing, printers and scanners.

Includes a list of resources for students who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Emory Health Sciences Library is not your typical library. There are many computers set up throughout the library that allow scholars to access a wide range of online databases with high-speed Internet access as well as search and print out thousands of research books and journals from Emory’s extensive collection.


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