As a parent, you have to make decisions that will inevitably change the way your children grow up. One of these decisions is whether or not to let them play mobile games. Playing mobile games can help your kids develop skills in problem solving and creativity, but only if they are age-appropriate. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 3 reasons why you should let your kids play mobile games!

Letting our children explore technology on their own terms allows for this exploration without feeling like we’re being too lenient or permissive as parents. This might lead some parents to make less informed choices about when and where they introduce technology into their children’s lives.

Encourages creativity

While it can be difficult to find this balance, you should continue letting your kids play mobile games. As long as the game is age-appropriate and encourages creativity rather than violence or aggression. This blog post introduces 3 reasons why allowing your kids to play mobile games will help them develop skills in problem solving! So, what are 3 more reasons? As a parent there are always decisions that have to be made about how our children use technology. But if we think of these choices as opportunities for growth , then learning computer programming might not seem like such an intimidating idea after all .

It seems counterintuitive at first glance. But encouraging teenagers who love computers may turn out to be one of the best things parents could do for their children’s future .

3D printers

Encouraging teenagers who love computers may turn out to be one of the best things parents could do for their children’s future because 3D printers are quickly becoming household items . But what do you need to know about them before getting one? 3M  Command Clear Hooks were made with a locking feature that helps teach kids how to solve problems on their own. It is exactly why 3M Command Clear Hooks also give 3 more reasons to play mobile games in another blog post.

Mobile games are educational.

With mobile games, your child will be able to learn about letters and numbers. They can also play online with other people around the world!

It helps them develop their hand eye coordination skills.

It is very important for children to know how to hold a controller or use touch controls. In order for them not to drop something expensive like an iPad or phone screen that breaks easily. With this game playing practice they will eventually become better at holding things like pencils, forks, spoons etc.

Some of these apps might help you out too!

Going on vacation? Use one of those airplane time-killing kid’s travel apps instead of watching reruns on TV all day long. The best part is that it will be educational for the both of you!


In this style of gaming, players take turns playing cards or using pieces that represent soldiers, territories, or other objects. The player who succeeds in taking over the opponent’s territory is considered to be the winner of this game. This type of mobile app is suitable for children 3 and older. Because it requires a great deal of focus, patience, and memory skills.


In the puzzle video games category there are many different types such as jigsaw puzzles where players have to put together pieces that represent an image or even connect dots. So they create patterns when connected correctly. These types of apps usually have relaxed modes which allow preschoolers to play without being timed. While still allowing them to learn from their mistakes if they get too frustrated with themselves .

Improved Intelligence

One of the biggest benefits to children playing mobile games is that they are tapping into an area where their minds can be pushed further than in any other activity. Children who play video games, particularly those with puzzles and strategy involved, tend to show improvement on standardized intelligence tests. This means that these types of brain training activities will help them learn new skills faster. As well as retain information easier for when it comes time for school .

Increased Focus

It’s no secret that kids today spend a lot more time looking at screens than ever before; however, this doesn’t mean screen time has become useless or void if there is still educational value behind it.

More Relaxed

If you have a child who gets extremely frustrated over little things, mobile video games can be a great tool to help them learn how to calm their own frustrations and find joy within the process of completing something. 

Stimulates Developmental Growth

Because there are so many different types of mobile apps available now. It is easy for parents as well as educators to select ones that directly target development skills such as problem solving or motor skills. These types of educational games will only enhance the way your children develop into young adults .

It’s Fun!

The most basic reason why kids should get screen time in any capacity is because they enjoy it! There are so many different mobile apps available that are fun for all ages. You just have to find the ones that suit your child’s specific interests . To know more about this you can take a look at


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