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What are naa rockers 2019 telugu movies?

Naa rockers 2019 telugu movies are a genre of Telugu movies which focus on the youth and their lifestyle, specially in the rural regions. The story is often about an underdog protagonist who wishes to overcome his/her social and financial position, with a typically happy ending. Naa (which means ‘yes’ in many Indian languages) is used by the protagonists to express their happiness. Naa rockers are usually comedy films. The humor is often sexual or slapstick.

The genre was introduced by Sekhar Kammula’s 2001 Telugu film “Pellichoopulu”. Since then it has become exceedingly popular, with almost every new Telugu film in the genre getting a theatrical release at least once. Many popular Telugu actors have been part of this movie genre including Raviteja, Venkatesh, Jr NTR and Allu Arjun. “Pelli Chupulu” was produced by National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) and Poorna films. This film won several awards at the “International Telugu Film Awards”.

What are top 5 movies in this genre about?

1. Gharbani: Directed by Sekhar Kammula, in this film Venkatesh is seen as a teacher who shocks his village by marrying an educated girl from the city and introducing electricity lines to his village. His family tries to take revenge by marrying off his daughter to a Muslim, but he beats them with help from friendly villagers.

2. Dookudu: Directed by Rajamouli, Venkatesh is a lazy village youth who loves playing cricket but loses his job when his team is banned from playing on the railway tracks. He is encouraged to do something meaningful and sets out to become the best dacoit in the region.

3. Nivin Pauly: Directed by Sekhar Kammula, in this film Jr NTR plays a struggling government employee who dreams of owning a luxury vehicle but struggles to make ends meet, until he meets Mohan Babu who lives off his money while everyone else starves

4. Nannaku Prematho: Directed by Sukumar, this film features Allu Arjun as a man who wants to see his family grow and live comfortably. In order to achieve this he sets out on a mission to kidnap the daughter of a businessman and hold her for ransom.

5. Fidaa: Directed by Kalyan Krishna, this is the story of a young college graduate who’s jobless, homeless and has no means of sustenance – until he finds himself living with Kajal Aggarwal’s character who he falls in love with.

Fascinating Reasons People Like Naa Rockers 2019 Telugu Movies

If you love to hear sarcastic and funny dialogues, this is a good genre for you. You will find that most of the time the actors have to sound really serious when portraying their roles. When the movie is over, you feel all riled up yet happy at the same time with a sense of peace in your mind. The way they are made, with storyline and humor blended together, make them a hit among people all over.

Fighting Spirit: 

An underdog hero who learns to win his own battles against all odds is a character that every Telugu film contains in it some way or another. This is what has basically made naa rockers so popular among people. You feel like you are watching a real life story unfold in front of your eyes.


What could be more romantic than someone falling in love with the person he never knew he would. Naa rockers are known for their hilarious yet beautiful portrayal of charming romance, rarely found in any other genre. The dialogues, songs and acting complementing each other to make a near perfect romantic comedy. It is this that strikes a chord with the youth of every generation!


The songs of these movies are often light hearted and soft melodies that make you feel good about yourself and leave you with a smile on your face. They are melodious, with a unique blend of instruments and singing that brings out the best in all of them. A must watch!


The dialogues in these movies are hilariously funny and will have you laughing along with the characters or just looking at them curiously… but this is what makes these movies unique. They never disappoint on a re-watch and are considered as some of the best humorous movie plots ever. So if you want to laugh your heart out for absolutely no reason, look no further!


Situations that tug at your heart strings and leave you feeling angry or sad for the characters that undergo them are portrayed beautifully in naa rockers. You will be overwhelmed by the emotions, both positive and negative, which you experience while watching one of these movies. The pace at which they unravel keeps you glued to your seat as you follow each step of the character’s journey.

Social messages: 

Though not all naa rockers are filled with heavy message, it is important that the social messages conveyed through these movies do not go unnoticed. In this way, it is possible for a movie to be “good” regardless of its genre and still speak about a number of issues. This is what makes naa rockers so popular among people with different interests.

Naa rockers 2019 telugu movies are very popular in Telugu language and middle class youths who believe in following rules. We do not see them in cable TV drama or on T.V. Shows and movies in Telugu. They are shown only in theaters and people like to watch them on weekends with their friends.

Naa rockers are very popular among teenagers who have a great interest in entertainment options. There is a variety of emotions portrayed through these movies, which makes them sure hits among the youth of our country and abroad too.


The most common genre of naa rockers is action based and involves some kind of fight scene between two parties. The setting might change from movie to movie but the story remains the same regardless.


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