In this article, we’ll go over 11 of the most important rules for marketing in a tight economy. Although economic conditions change and it’s impossible to stay on top of every trend, these 11 rules will help you make more sales and reignite your company’s success.

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Keep it short.

It’s not the 1940’s anymore. People have shorter attention spans than ever before. So if you can get your point across in less words, do it! Long blog post titles are fine but try to keep your title under 65 characters for best results on search engines like Google and Bing. The same goes for email subject lines: keep them short!

Keep it simple.

Make sure that everything is easy to understand. Because people usually don’t want to work hard when they could be working smart instead. If there is anything confusing about your writing or your product, people will move on. If a person can’t understand something in your content within the first few sentences then you’re not going to be able to hold their attention for long enough.

Another thing that makes it easier is incorporating bullet points and numbered lists into your writing whenever possible. Because they make things much easier to digest! Shorter paragraphs are also helpful when you want someone’s full attention while reading. So try breaking up large blocks of text with headings between each paragraph instead of making one very large block all at once. This way if somebody has trouble concentrating or doesn’t have a lot of time they’ll still get everything that needs to be understood from what you’ve written without feeling overwhelmed by taking everything in at once.

Keep it realistic.

This can fall under a few different categories. But one big thing here is avoiding making promises or claims about something without actually backing them up with proof. If nobody believes in what you’re saying then how do you expect anyone else to either? Another way this rule ties into being realistic is by staying away from anything too “out there” like concepts such as new age mysticism which might not appeal to everyone. Because some people believe very strongly in certain religious ideologies and will not be open to anything that goes against their own personal views.

Something else you can do is present your content in a way which speaks to the lowest common denominator whenever possible. Because this will allow for more people to understand what it is you’re saying and then act upon your message instead of ignoring it. Because they didn’t get everything about what was said 100% correctly (no one person can ever completely grasp every single aspect of something, after all).

Keep things simple but also make sure you fully explain yourself too!

Too much info at once might cause someone’s eyes to glaze over. So try breaking up text into smaller pieces throughout an article or blog post rather than making them read through huge chunks all at once.

Don’t make it about you.

People don’t care how great you are, they only want to know why they should be interested in what it is that’s being shared with them. This means putting yourself aside and making sure whatever information or content is provided is focused on the preferences of your readers instead. Because this will help people relate more easily to everything being presented before them.

Make things all about THEM!

If someone doesn’t feel like reading through a 1000+ word blog post then maybe just give them an infographic instead . It has less text but still contains valuable information for their purposes? The point here is not to have 500 words worth of ego stroking self promotion at every turn. So use other means besides blogging if possible when sharing ideas online. Because chances are people just want the facts and not some huge lecture.

If it helps, pretend that you’re talking to someone face-to-face instead of sitting behind a computer screen typing out words into an online document. Because this will help keep things more casual and grounded in reality while also making sure everything is presented as clearly as possible without any assumption on your part about what’s going through their minds at any given moment!

Be Consistent.

You might have heard the term “content marketing” floating around. It means sharing valuable information over time (this can include anything from blog posts to pictures with little bits of info attached). But this isn’t something new by any stretch here. What’s changed however is that social media allows you to reach a much bigger audience than ever before. So be sure to post new content on the regular if possible while also making sure everything is consistent with what it is you’re trying to say here. Because this will help your readers get accustomed to seeing whatever it is from you over time which makes for a more familiar experience overall.

This means not abandoning one platform in favor of another and instead staying active no matter how busy life gets or any other excuse that might come up along the way. But doing things steadily without going through lulls where nothing at all seems to be going on online either!

Don’t quit too soon.

You can hit some serious roadblocks when doing anything related to blogging. So don’t give up just yet even though it might feel like nothing is going right or that what you’re doing just isn’t working out.

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