There is a reason that Board Games like three spotted playing cards crossword have been around for centuries and are still so popular today. The games from the past, with their new twists on classic themes, provide hours of fun for the whole family. But even with all this entertainment, board games can still pose some problems which should not be overlooked: the ten unforgivable sins of board games!

1. Bullying: 

It’s one thing to win a game but it’s another when you make other players feel like they don’t belong or are getting picked on by your team. Being rude or mean to other players has no place in any game setting, especially not children’s games like Uno. 

2. Confusion: 

This is something that can happen to kids who are just learning to play. Many new players will take their first turn without paying attention to their opponent, then when it’s their turn, they forget all the information they already have and do something completely different.

3. Attention-seeking: 

Your opponent should be able to have a conversation but not hear it if your piece is in the way, or if he doesn’t like the way you are playing his piece, there are better ways of making him stop than yelling at him!

4. Unfairness: 

There is no excuse for cheating in any game. If you have a chance to play the same game over and over again, then there are ways that you can do it fairly. But when your opponent is always getting an advantage because of their deck, their skills or even just luck, that’s unfair and should be stopped immediately.

5. Bluffing: 

If you are bluffing and it gets caught, don’t deny it and pretend nothing happened but take responsibility for your actions. And if you are being tricked, don’t be upset with the person who did it to you but feel mad at yourself for falling for the trick! 

6. Bullying with bad intentions: 

Bullying doesn’t belong in games just as much as it doesn’t belong in real life. It is never okay to use voices or actions that make fun of someone or make their life harder. The best game in the world would be ruined if the bullies started to take control and force everyone else out of their way to be the leader. It’s best to remember that bullying is not a good way to solve problems, and that you can only get respect by earning it. 

7. Bad Attitude: 

If you are upset at your opponent because of something they said or did during the game, it is your fault for getting angry with them and not concentrating on what you have to do during your turn. If you are being rewarded for a bad attitude then that’s a different story but when someone has skills and uses those skills to their advantage, then there should be no complaints! 

8. Disrespect: 

You wouldn’t like it if your parents, teachers or friends were talking behind your back, so why would your opponent? If you are upset at someone for something then tell them to their face, rather than speaking about him/her behind their back. No one should be criticized, ignored or insulted because of their way of playing. It’s only fair to look at the skills and make sure everyone is having a good time, not upset about someone just wanting to have fun with their friends.

9. Ignorance: 

If you don’t know how to play a game or can’t remember how, there is no reason to get frustrated or act out in any way because of it. When your opponent does something that you don’t know how to challenge, it’s okay simply to ask them what they did in order to understand why they did it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because you will learn a lot when someone explains something new to you (just remember not all games are the same).

10. Meanness: 

This is one of the worst sins to commit in any game. If you are being mean to a person in a game, it is your responsibility to stop yourself from being mean to them and other people as well. If you are going to be mean to someone it should be with the intention of making them feel better and no one should have to worry about making their friends feel uncomfortable while they play a game. 

Conclusion of this article:

These ten sins are just a few things that should never happen in any type of game, whether it’s your favorite board game or someone else’s. If you see these things happening in a game you play, stop it right away and switch to another one. Above all of this, try not to get mad at the people who are being disrespectful to you! Don’t let yourself be fooled by their bad attitude or make fun of them because they messed up.


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