In today’s modern world, smart bartenders are using innovative ideas to improve cocktails. We have access to a wide variety of ingredients that can turn a simple night out for drinks into a stimulating experience for guests and connoisseurs alike. Midnight fizz cocktail is an easy trick to make your cocktails a little more interesting.  Using citrus juices will provide added taste and if you’re lucky enough, some of the bitter elements present in the fruit juice could mix with the spirit and make this drink even more unique.

Foam can take cocktails to the next level.  The science behind foams is that they use air bubbles as a suspension agent to disperse the liquid in the air. The best part about foams is that it tastes great and people get really excited about a foamed drink. If you know how to make a good drink, you will always be fine with me.

10 Innovative Approaches To Improve Cocktails :

1. Muddling marshmallows in cocktails

Foams are the rage these days. They’re light, they’re airy, they’re delicious! But most importantly, they make your drinks look like they’ve just been served at some kind of super fancy cocktail lounge in a French or international movie. The foam is surprisingly easy to make. You just need to whip egg whites with sugar until stiff and then add them to your drink one piece at a time until everything is homogenous–no stirring required! 

2. Add sliced citrus to your drink

I used to severely dislike the taste of citrus fruits, but now I just can’t get enough of them. That’s probably because they make the most awesome thing ever in booze form: delicious cocktails! As citrus juice is high in acidity, it works as a fantastic liquid to stabilize other ingredients and infuse its flavor into drinks.   

3. Use edible flowers as garnishing

The concept behind mixing drinks has been around for about 500 years, so you have to expect that people will have exhausted all the possibilities by now.  But at least we can take a cue from the Japanese bartenders who used edible flowers as garnishing in their drinks and yes, they still taste great! They provide a unique texture and add a slight sweet flavor that compliments most types of alcohol.

4. Use edible flowers as decorations

The second thing you could do with your flowers is to plop them right into the top of your glass. You just have to be careful about one thing: don’t overdo it! Many bartenders are going overboard with these things and I can’t even tell what type of drink I’m being served anymore.  

5. Make a “worldly” cocktail

This next tip is something that I’ve been using for quite some time now and it’s a fantastic addition to any bar. An ingredient can transform your drink from ordinary to extraordinary. It does not hold any particular rules but some ingredients go together better than others, so it’s always good if you have some idea of what you’re about to mix together before pouring it into your drink. 

6. Go experimental with bitters

I’m a huge fan of bitters as I’ve already mentioned before,but it’s not just because they make me feel fancy–they also provide a great way to enhance the flavour in cocktails. The main ingredient in any bottle of bitters is alcohol, usually at least 40%. The next most common is water and then followed by the flavouring agent (usually from herbs). 

7. Sweeten your drinks with sugar

This next tip is something that I personally use quite a lot. Sugar is a fantastic flavour enhancer and it doesn’t have the weird aftertaste that some other ingredients do. To add sweetness, you can either add the sugar to the drink directly or you can incorporate it into another ingredient like lemon or lime juices. 

8. Make drinks to cater for different dietary requirements: gluten free and vegan

As long as your guests are not allergic to certain ingredients (gluten, nuts etc. ), then this tip is all about going the extra mile to please your guests. This is particularly true for making vegan and gluten free drinks for those people who are allergic to certain ingredients.  As a bartender, you can only use the alcohol that your bar agrees with so if some of your guests have dietary restrictions, this means that you’ll need to get creative!

9. Go old school: with bitters

Another tip for making the drinks in this list would be to use bitters instead of sugar. Bitters are basically extracts made from various herbs and spices (like glycyrrhizin) and they add a unique flavour to your drink. The only problem is that they’re so bitter that you’ll need to sweeten them somehow.  Some people prefer adding a teaspoon of sugar, but I think that bitters taste much better when you add in a few drops of honey instead–trust me!

10. Add crushed ice to the rim of your glass

You can make your drink look more and more like an expensive choice with this last tip, which involves crushing some ice cubes and mixing it with water to freeze it into a thin layer on the rim of your glass.


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